Have you ever dreamed of a thermal water bath immersed in a forest?

The thermal water pool of Bagni San Filippo are totally free. The “Balena Bianca”, the mound where the thermal water rises from, offers numerous small natural pools perfectly suited to families with children.

Find below all the tourist information to go to Bagni San Filippo.

Bagni San Filippo Thermal Water

This special place deserves a brief introduction, after which we give you all the information you can need.

In Monte Amiata, in Tuscany, travelers can enjoy the hot water that flows from the bowels of this mountain of volcanic origin. Bagni San Filippo is a small village located along a woodland and a river of thermal water, simply gorgeous!

On the slopes of Monte Amiata, the ancient village of Bagni San Filippo has managed to preserve its appearance almost unchanged over the centuries. It is located within the “Val d’Orcia Natural, Cultural & Artistic Park”, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where other thermal springs also arise spontaneously.

Used since the Etruscans the numerous Tuscan thermal springs are the perfect wellness escape. For a day or a weekend you will find, almost everywhere in Tuscany and Val d’Orcia, beautiful spas offering massages. Nature lovers will also find various outdoor thermal springs with free access.

Did you know that?
We call Etruscans the Italian people of the ancient region “Etruria” today divided between Tuscany, Lazio and Umbria. They inhabited this land since 900 BC. until shortly before the birth of Christ. They left us the gift of many archaeological site that can be visited today.

The thermal pools are free of access !!

The ‘White Whale’ is an impressive limestone deposit accumulated over the centuries thanks to the warm waters rich in calcium that spontaneously emerge from the subsoil.

The limestone formations, waterfalls and small pools of thermal water have been dug by the water over time. Immerse yourself in the warm water and, even in winter, surrounded by a lush forest, feel transported to another world. A real wellness bath in the natural spa of Bagni San Filippo.

Balena Bianca con ruscello di acqua termale

Almost surreal, the riverside path allows easy access to free and open hot springs. However, equip yourself with suitable clothing for a hike in nature as you will get all the advantages and disadvantages of being in the forest. Following a rain, the path tends to be a bit muddy. For the bravest, it will not be anything serious, the water remains warm and clean in any season!

Balena Bianca of Bagni San Filippo

The so-called “White Whale” (Balena Bianca in Italian) is the gigantic limestone mound formed over the centuries. Most of the thermal water comes out from it.
His white color and its dimensions are majestic. You will find numerous pools and spring on the Balena Bianca itself. The water that comes out is particularly hot.

Fosso Bianco

The “Fosso Bianco”, on the other hand, is the name that the local inhabitants have given to the part of the river where the thermal water comes out. In fact, the limestone and sulphurous water makes the vegetation and the surrounding rocks white. Do not hesitate to go beyond the Balena Bianca, even after you can find beautiful thermal baths.

The street where to park the car is called: Via Fosso Bianco

How to get to Bagni San Filippo

Be Careful !! The “Fosso Bianco” and its hot springs cannot be seen from the road.
Many pass in front without stopping and a few miles later they have to come back the way they came…

You must therefore park along the small forest, on the street named “Via fosso bianco”. Unfortunately it is not a free car park.
Go down the paved road until you arrive in front of the “La Cascata bar”. In front of the bar you will find the sign for “Fosso Bianco”. Continue along the path in the wood and follow the river towards the valley until you see hot water vapor. You can’t go wrong, the water gives off a sulfur smell that can be felt even when driving on the road… Follow your nose.

Not far from the Relais Osteria dell’Orcia, after having a hearty breakfast you will find the thermal baths of Bagni San Filippo 20 minutes away by car. Take the SR2 towards the SOUTH following the signs for Roma / Abbadia San Salvatore. The road is pretty wide and surrounded by the hills of the Val d’Orcia, a short journey to reach an enchanted place. After about 10km you will find the sign on the right for Bagni San Filippo / Abbadia San Salvatore and turn onto the SP61. Another 3km and you are there.
Among other things, just a few meters from our relais hotel you can appreciate another very famous spa, that of Bagno Vignoni.

indicazioni stradali Bagni San filippo

Where to eat in Bagni San Filippo

You will find bars and snacks at the village. A nice day to enjoy with the family, or with your love one. Your children will have plenty of space to have fun and spend their endless energy.

For lunch or dinner, Bagno Vignoni offers numerous restaurants.

Bagni San Filippo Thermal Spa and Hotel

The Terme di Bagni San Filippo hotel has been closed for years. Currently undergoing restoration, it has been said that it will reopen in the future as a 5 star hotel. However, the reopening date is still unknown.

So there are no spas in Bagni San Filippo but only the beautiful natural spas free of access as we have described above.

For those who prefer the comfort of a modern spa, Bagno Vignoni, a 10-minute walk from our Relais, offers high-quality thermal centers. This medieval spa village is known all over the world for its thermal waters. In Bagno Vignoni and in the Relais Osteria dell’Orcia you will also have the opportunity to be pampered with a pleasant massage. Contact us to book your massage.