Surrounded by the natural artistic park of Val d’Orcia, along the famous Via Francigena, you will find the medieval village: Bagno Vignoni.

Its world-famous thermal waters, modern spas and even the Bagno Vignoni free spas amaze everyone.
Whether for a romantic weekend or a pleasant day with the family, the various spas offer offers and prices for everyone.

Here you will find all the information for a dream day: the temperature of the waters, the prices of the various spas, where the free spas and the waterfall are .. and a few more things.

We present you the thermal baths of Bagno Vignoni

Vasca al centro di Bagno Vignoni

First let’s start with a short introduction for those unfamiliar with this enchanting village.
Bagno Vignoni is a medieval village with volcanic waters whose quality was already known by the Etruscans, 2000 years ago, and later used also by the Romans. Very small, the village is characterized by a beautiful square and by the free access archaeological site where there are also the free pools. We explain how to get there later. Craft shops, bars and restaurants frame the square.

Today, those who want to spend time will find in Bagno Vignoni a tourist destination with many solutions suitable for the most diverse needs to enjoy these miraculous waters.

Our Hotel Relais is located just 10 minutes walk from Bagno Vignoni. We therefore offer our guests the silence of the countryside with the comfort of the nearby thermal spas. The property is located in the ideal spot from which to admire the town’s famous thermal water cascade. You can enjoy the view directly from our large and green garden.

Massaggi a Bagno Vignoni

In Bagno Vignoni there are various state-of-the-art thermal water spas with modern installations. Thanks to our collaborations we can offer you a 10% discount on the entry ticket. After a nice breakfast, consisting of some products of our kitchen, you can take this short walk on the pedestrian path, illuminated at night, and take advantage of the thermal baths. Whirlpools, indoor and outdoor pools and wellness treatments await you.

For those who prefer the tranquility of a garden to the confusion of a spa, we offer the opportunity to have a massage surrounded by nature. In our orchard we have set up a beautiful gazebo for this very reason. To respect the most sensitive skins we have chosen to use cosmetics from the HUR® laboratory in Florence.
There is nothing more relaxing than a massage lulled by birdsong. A moment dedicated only to you.

Thermal water of Bagno Vignoni

Bagno Vignoni is also famous for its large thermal water pool. The Santa Caterina bath is located in the middle of the village, many restaurants have taken up residence in the ancient stone buildings that surround it. At certain times of the year, art exhibitions are organized in the middle of the water. In 2019, the installation “the secret garden” thrilled passers-by. It is not allowed to bathe in this tub.

Entrance to the spa costs around € 40.00 per person for half a day. Those staying at the Relais Osteria dell’Orcia take advantage of the 10% discount. The various spas in Bagno Vignoni are modern and offer all possible comforts. Some have indoor thermal water pools, others also outdoors with views of the surrounding countryside.

The thermal waters have a natural temperature of 49° C ( 120° F ) and, thanks to the passage of rain up to 1000 meters deep, they draw their volcanic properties from the depths of the subsoil. Healthy bath and well-being guaranteed by mother nature!

The free thermal pool of Bagno Vignoni

mappa google terme libere di bagno vignoni

40 minutes by car from Siena, along the SR2 road, this spa town is an oasis of peace for a relaxing stay in Tuscany.

The free pools are located at the foot of the thermal water cascade. Admission is free. There are 2 beautiful thermal water pools. Shallow, they are also safe for children.

At the point indicated on the map above you will find ample free parking. The dirt road is not the most comfortable and is very steep. We recommend that lower cars park at the entrance to Bagno Vignoni, on the right you will find a large free parking lot, and walk the last 200 meters.
Otherwise, above the falls themselves, you will find paid parking and a path that descends along the waterfall and the park of the Mills.

Unfortunately while descending along the rock of the waterfall, the thermal water is only lukewarm when it reaches the pools of the free pools. Taking a bath still feel very pleasant!

Ancient Thermal Bath of Bagno Vignoni

The archaeological site of the ancient baths testifies to the used in the Roman and Etruscan era. Today the exceptional therapeutic properties of this prodigious water have become famous all over the world.

The ancient waterfall, located at the beginning of the village, fills the outdoor pools with its thermal water. Travelers and tourists can use it for free. This waterfall was used in the past to run mills and grind wheat flour from the Val d’Orcia. The ancient establishments can still be seen today.

donna anciana legge libro con i piedi nel ruscello di acqua termale bagno vignoni

The Baths of Bagno Vignoni await you for a pleasant and relaxing stay in the countryside of the Val d’Orcia. An experience to share with your half but also with your family.

Not far from the Baths of Bagno Vignoni you can enjoy one of the most beautiful natural spa destinations in Italy, the free Thermal Baths of Bagni San Filippo.

Many other outdoor activities await you! Discover them on our website.