We present the thermal bath of Bagno Vignoni!

Within the National artistic and natural park of Val d’Orcia, alongside the Francigena pilgrims road, stand Bagno Vignoni.

At 40 minutes by car from Siena, on the road “SR2” this small thermal town is a peaceful oasis to enjoy true Tuscany relax experience.

A medieval village gifted with volcanic water used as far as human memories goes, since the great Roman empire and even the Etruscan time, 2000 years ago!

Today, who likes to spend good time will find that Bagno Vignoni is appreciated by many thanks to the diversity of ways it offers to enjoy this miraculous water.

Our relais hotel is 10 minutes by foot from this enchanted town. We offer to our guests with silence and charm of the countryside as well as the comfort of the wellness spa close by.

Cocoon in our large garden, laying on a long chair admire the famous and unique thermal water waterfall of this Tuscany village.

A stay where nature provides the wellness

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Massage in Bagno Vignoni

In Bagno Vignoni you will find a few modern wellness centre offering the possibility to bath in thermal water. Book your stay at our Relais and get advantage of special discount price.

After a nice breakfast with some homemade products make the short walks and, in the blink of an eye enjoy a relaxing day bathing. The dedicated footpath from our Relais to Bagno Vignoni centre is illuminated at night. Jacuzzis, fitness centre, indoor and outdoor pool as well as special treats are awaiting you.

Book your massage and ticket entrance in any of the spas at our reception desk.

For those who prefer the tranquillity of nature, instead of the eventual confusion of a wellness centre, pamper yourself with a full body massage in our orchard.

Immerse in peaceful nature and enjoy bespoke wellness thought through for ultimate relaxation.

We have dedicate a special gazebo in our garden exclusively for your massage.

To make sure we respect even the most sensible skins we use cream and beauty products from laboratorio HUR®. Made in Florence their handcraft cosmetic and age-defying body care are leading the clinical research on organic perfecting formula.

No better occasion to relax while being taking care of by expert hands and the pleasant sound of birds singing. A moment for yourself only.

Bagno Vignoni Thermal water

thermal bath bagno vignoni

Bagno Vignoni is famous as well for its large thermal pool in its square. Santa Caterina pool can be found in the centre of the little town. Around it you will find many restaurants and bars where to enjoy a meal and an Italian café as only they know how to make it. In some occasion this open air pool is used by artiste to exposed their lasted creations. In 2019, the beautiful show “il giardino segreto” impresse many.

The thermal water is 49°C (120°F) hot. Thanks to the long travel of rain water up to 1000 meters deep within the soil layers it becomes volcanic water.

Ancient bath of Bagno Vignoni

landscape bagno vignoni

The archaeological site of the Roman thermal bath prove the great interest Human always gave to the very special water found in Bagno Vignoni. Today the quality of the water made that small town famous worldwide.

The waterfall at the entrance of the town fill up outdoor pools with its lovely thermal water. Turist and wayfarers can enjoy them access free. The power of the waterfall was once used to mill grain from wheat fields of Val d’Orcia. Vestige of this out of time technological jewel have been preserved on site.

The thermal bath of Bagno Vignoni are awaiting you for pleasant and relaxing holidays in Val d’Orcia. To enjoy with your love one as well as your whole family.

Not far from the Thermal Baths of Bagno Vignoni you can appreciate one of the most beautiful natural spa destinations in Italy, the free spas of Bagni San Filippo.

natural thermal bath bagno vignoni

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