Trekking in Bagno Vignoni

Bagno Vignoni is a small thermal village in Val d’Orcia, Tuscany’s UNESCO heritage site.

At 10-minute by foot from Relais Osteria dell’Orcia, it offers various options to take advantage of its volcanic water. Modern spas await you as well as thermal water pools in open nature at the foot of the ancient waterfall of thermal water.
Immersed in the natural and artistic park of Val d’Orcia, Bagno Vignoni is part of the Via Francigena, many trekking and relaxing walks start from here.

Val d’Orcia is famous for its winding hill roads and its white gravel roads ideal for walking and biking.
Bagno Vignoni and Relais Osteria dell’Orcia stand out thanks to the path along the Orcia river. Much more flat than other hikes, it offer a relaxing and pleasant escape from modern rhythms even to those who are not expert in trekking or do not want to walk up hill.

Let’s see what trekking there is in Bagno Vignoni.

Bagno Vignoni, a fairy tale thermal village

If you like to know more about Bagno Vignoni then read our guide!

trekking in bagno vignoni

Hiking in Bagno Vignoni (Val d’Orcia)

The Via Francigena passes right in front of the main door of our Relais. From there starts many walks for all levels. Whether it is for a romantic stroll along the Orcia river or walking the ring around Bagno Vignoni but even for more sporty tekking like the Rocca d’Orcia ring.

An Mobile APP for Trekking

We found that the website and mobile APP AllTrails provides
great trekking maps in Val d’Orcia and around our Hotel in Bagno Vignoni.

Trekking alongside river Orcia

This stroll is ideal for couples or for those who like to gently loosen their legs at any time of the day. It is probably the most relaxing walk to do around our Relais.

Leaving our entrance, we continue over the wooden bridge towards Bagno Vignoni. On both end of the bridge you will find a beautiful and large map of the trekking to do in the area.

After the bridge turn left and continue on an easy access and clean path through a grove. A few steps and hop there, we have already reached the foot of the thermal waterfall of Bagno Vignoni.

Then continue straight on the wide white gravel road through a small woodland and alongside fields. Listen… you can hear the sound of the river and the singing of birds in the background.

The rest of the road is easy as well, you just have to continue straight until you reach the river.

Once you have reach the river and taken a small bath, you only have to go back from the way you came from. Easy right ?!

Hike: Rocca d’Orcia Ring

The Rocca D’Orcia ring is a fantastic trekking. About 8 km of the Val d’Orcia natural and artistic park with one of the most suggestive views from Rocca d’Orcia, once the head city of the region.

A very pleasant 2-3h break that shares a stretch with the famous Via Francigena pilgrims road. We consider it to be medium difficulty. Summer days are hot in Tuscany, make sure to have your hat and sufficient water with you.


Trekking Bagno Vignoni Ring

This trek of about 1h-1h30 will delight lovers of thermal water. Not only do you pass by the foot of the thermal waterfall of Bagno Vignoni and its open pools free of access, but on the way back you also pass through the village itself and so by the ruins of the ancient Roman bath.

This walk is of medium level, it goes up hill for a few hundred meters. Tranquility and silence guaranteed!

Obviously there are many other hikes to do by foot but also by bike or E-Bike!
Tired after a long hike, have a rest at our beautiful restaurant in Bagno Vignoni.

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We wish you a good hike and a pleasant stay in Tuscany.