Wine tasting in Montalcino

The wines of the lands of Montalcino are famous all over the world and the “Brunello di Montalcino” represents the excellence of the wines of our country. The beautiful panoramas of Tuscany, its natural conformations, climate and terroir give the wine unique characteristics in the world.

Montalcino is a cute little medieval village. The nectar of Bacchus has helped to bring the beautiful panoramas and the rich history of Tuscany to the world. Learn all there is to know, to see and to do in Montalcino here.

Visitors and wine lovers gather here to taste the many wines produced in Tuscany and the Crete Senese.

Best wineries in Montalcino – where to taste the wines

differenze brunello di montalcino rosso di montalcino

The cellars that produce the excellent wine on the territory of Montalcino are numerous. We could never named them all. There are some we enjoy again and again the pleasure of a wine tour with. They all propose special wine tour, full of history and emotions. All can be found and tried while enjoying a handcraft traditional Toscan meal at our restaurant La Vecchia Posta.

Let’s dig in and see who are those wineries, special to us.

We have particular affinity for the family-run winery “Nostra Vita” located 5 minutes away from Montalcino. Driving by a truly artitic mind, the owners have created a very special atmosfere and collaborate with artist from all other the world. They produce around 10 000 bottles a year, so very little for a winery in Montalcino. That allow them to have great control and handmake most of the process, from the fields decorated with art up to the “imbotigliamento” – the wine bottling process. Their wine is said to be part of the best.

Wine tour in Montalcino

In the cute village of Montalcino itself you can find many wine bars and wine seller.
Many are familly run business and know very well the region.

Bolsignano winery, also a family run winery, produces Rosso and Brunello di Montalcino in respect of the tradition and the surrounding nature. They cultivate around 3 ha (7,5 acres) of land and care for about 10 ha (28 acre) of forest. The friendlyness of Sara, the mother of the familly, makes for a great wine tasting, far away from any pompous mise en scène. A truly unique Italian wine tasting.

We also like Ciacci Piccolomini wines. They offer beautiful wine tasting and visit to their cellar. They are very well organised and their sommelier skillful. We like to reccomend them to the guests of our Relais in Bagno Vignoni thermal medieval village.

The good Montalcino wine is born in the vineyard and grows in the cellar. Two fundamental moments treated professionally and with great passion by the Solaria winery. A wine tour not to miss.

In the heart of the Val d’Orcia, just 5 km from S.Quirico d’Orcia and Bagno Vignoni, Poggio al Vento farmhouse and winery offers wines and extra virgin olive oils tastings.

wine tasting montalcino

At the foot of the walls of Montalcino, Bruno Dalmazio wine shop offers a wide range of Tuscan wines and more. In the adjacent roomit is always possible to taste a variety of wines by the glass.

Mastrojanni winery awaits you near the San Antimo abbey, immersed in the countryside, 5 minutes from Montalcino. Through the large windows of their elegant tasting room, you enter the terrace with its incomparable view of their vineyards. In this enchanting context it is possible to taste their wines: Rosso di Montalcino, Brunello di Montalcino and their IGT San Pio.

Did you know?

The Typical Geographical Indication (IGT) indicates wines produced according to specified requirements. In Italy, the term IGT can be replaced by the term Landwein for wines from the lands of Bolzano. Even IGT wines produced in the Aosta Valley have their own name: Vin de pays.

Always close to the San Antimo abbey, the Le Ripi biodynamic cellar offers a context of absolutely enchanting value and quality wines recognized by many Montalcino wine lovers.

We could name many other wineries but this article would never end. We therefore invite you to come and stay in Val d’Orcia and to taste the wines, oils and local cuisine by yourself. A delightful experience, immerse in the famous and warn Italian atmosfere, to do with your love one and your familly. Fotografers, make sure to have sufficient battery and plenty of memory cards at all time. A photo await you at every corner of this majestic land.

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Brunello di Montalcino wine tasting

We have thought of you, expert amateurs and wine lovers, the complex and perfectly balanced flavors of our wine selection will surprise you. The Relais Osteria dell’Orcia opens the doors of a world where wine becomes art. Narrated by our passionate Sommelier, a thousand and one pleasant surprises await you. To discover here!

We wish you pleasant wine tours in Montalcino. If you like to know more about this fairy tale medieval city we wrote a few lines so for you to know what to do in Montalcino. Read our Brunello di Montalcino guide!