Do you like to spend your holidays in nature? do you want to go truffle hunt in ancient UNESCO heritage site forests?
This offer is for you ! In this article we tell you all about white truffle and propose with a great offer for your holidays.

Truffle hunting in Tuscany

At Relais Osteria dell’Orcia time is an option. Book a stay, relax and enjoy the present moment through an authentic activity coming from a time immemorial. Guided by the foremost expert discover the secret places of Tuscany. Immerse in the UNESCO protected forest of the Crete Senesi, look for the true gold: Fresh Truffle!

A treasure hunt like activity. To be share with all your family. Available every year from March 14 to Dicembre 1

Holidays in Tuscany with the offer “Truffle hunting in Val d’Orcia”

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Sunny days are the right occasion to take time to live better. Let the stress behind you and go on an adventure thanks to an ancient activity: Truffle hunting in the forests of Tuscany.

Looking for truffle means having patience and great knowledge about nature… As well as having with you a good dog.

Let expert of the land guide you in discovering the secrets places of the ancient Senese forest, UNESCO heritage site. A gentle and healthy stroll to boost up your energy while treasure hunting diamonds from the soil: Fresh Truffle!

Truffles grows in abundance around the city of San Giovanni d’Asso, not far from Montalcino – Tuscany. Grows in particular the rare and famous White Truffle of Crete Senese, an autumnal truffle. find one is the guarantee of a great day!

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How does Truffle grows?

Inside the soil it form itself as filaments which gather together to form a super-organism. They then attach themselves to the roots of the surrounding trees. They form what is call the “Mycelium”. This symbiosis  in-between the trees and the truffle allow for beneficial nutritive elements exchange.

Day after day, those small filaments give birth to truffles. They are mature once their fragrance emanate from the soil, which can be smell by trained dogs and wild pigs. The weather influence greatly on the quantity and quality nature offers each season. Autumn has to be just right, not too hot nor to rainy. Otherwise this hypogeum fungi cannot grow correctly. Fungi called Hypogeum grows and live only underground.

Yes, truffle is a fungi and the part we eat the mushroom of it!

Like many other mushrooms it lives in the forest, in perfect harmony with the surrounding plants and trees. Not all trees can cooperate with truffles and not all truffle cooperate with the same trees.

Take the white truffle as an example.  This is the most flavoured and appreciate of all truffle here in Tuscany. White truffle grows within the forest of oaks, hazelnut trees, poplars and willow. It likes deep sandy and humid soil and generally grows at the bottom of a valley.

How to Truffle hunting?

Truffles have most probably been found first by pigs. Since the middle age they plough the forest floor. With their nose they extract the truffles buried in the soil, as wild pigs are still doing today. It is probably thanks to them that we discovered truffles.

Traditionally we used trained pigs to hunt for truffle. Today we train dogs which are easier to handle. A great dog for this job is “Lagotto Romagnolo”, an Italian breed.

The dogs can smell the rape truffle, it then digs and the truffle hunter use a special shovel to finish the work. At the opposite of pigs, dogs do not eat the truffle. That’s why they are preferred other the first one.

Once the truffle harvested, it is important to close back the hole made in the ground so not to let the surrounding roots to dry. This way next year will bring a new harvest.

But be careful! As for any mushrooms some truffles are venomous. Always make sure of what you harvest before to consume it and if you are not sure then get an expert to come with you. In Tuscany we call the bad truffle “Le Durelle”, they create bad intestinal disorder.

Organize your Truffle hunt!

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Want to go hunting for truffle?

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We are pleased to help you in this adventure.

Book a stay, relax and enjoy the present moment, we care about it all!

The day of your arrival we offer you a warm welcoming and have the pleasure to await you with a cocktail aperitif as well as the dinner. A good meal should always go with good wine, the dinner include a bottle of the worldwide famous wine “Nobile di Montepulciano”.

If you like to do the truffle hunt only and skip the dinner please contact us via email  or by phone +39 0577 887 111
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The Offer “Truffle hunting in Tuscany” include:

  • The Aperitif and an Italian Dinner at your arrival
  • An expert guide and his friendly dogs
  • The possibility to buy the truffle find during the hunt at a better price then the market price
  • A Truffle hunt Certificate
  • The great pleasure to be within UNESCO protected nature

We recommend you to take with you:

  • Clothing and shoes adapt to the season for a hike in the forest
  • Your best smile to enjoy a stress free life

Want to treasure hunt fresh truffle?

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Terms & Conditions

  •  You will be charged the full amount only once your stay and the activity are confirmed by our kind staff.
  • Offer valid from March 14th until December 1st 2020.
  • Last booking possibility on November 20th, 2020.
  • Price for 2 persons including a 3 nights stay in our beautiful Relais relax.
  • City taxes to be charged aside.
  • 10% discount on any supplementary night during the same stay.