In April 2022 we all meet in Tuscany to participate in the traditional “Tuscany Crossing“. A competition for professional athletes as well as amateurs and lovers of sporty trekking. The race route crosses typical Tuscan landscapes, with most of the white roads and pleasant paths, far from the traffic noise. The few parts of car road represent less than 20% of the route.

You will pass through the most beautiful villages in Tuscany!

Tuscany Crossing 2022

This year the races are held on April 22 and 23 and you can also choose from various routes this time.

The organization wishes to specify that it is a race in semi-autonomy and that there can be several chilometers between one refreshment and another. It is therefore essential to have all the mandatory material with you and not leave anything to chance! Read the race rules carefully, make sure you have your mobile phone turned on with enough battery (it is recommended to have a power bank) but also to make sure you have an efficient lamp with spare batteries. Even if the route is tracked, it is preferable to have a GPS track or download and print the map.

Remember that your race depends exclusively on you.

Tuscany Crossing 2020

How to register for Tuscany Crossing 2022

Registration is open since October 15th 2021.

There will be no maximum registration number, but the organization reserves the right to close registrations when reaching 800 members overall.

Only adult athletes with a sports medical certificate for competitive activities can register. To know the prices of the various courses and to register on the official website, click here!

For more information, you can also contact them via Facebook.

Since we too are great lovers of Tuscany and we never miss an opportunity to travel the winding roads by bike or on foot, we want to make life easy for you.

Tuscany Crossing program:

You can find the latest updates here.

The meeting will take place at the location indicated on the map above.

We wish you good luck and a pleasant race!